Celestial Enchantment Gift Set


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This Celestial Enchantment gift set curates four luscious mooncakes baked to golden perfection with delectable fillings hidden in their soft golden crust. Each embodying the epitome of refinement, handpick your finest pair of Grand Cru Chinese teas from the five enchanting flavours that make up our new Jadeite collection: Fu Ding Mu Dan Wang, Gu Shu Jin Si Hong, Lao Ban Zhang Pu Erh, Xihu Long Jing and Zheng Yan Qi Lan Oolong.

Jadeite Grand Cru Chinese Tea Selection:
Fu Ding Mu Dan Wang | Gu Shu Jin Si Hong | Lao Ban Zhang Pu Erh | Xihu Long Jing | Zheng Yan Qi Lan Oolong
2 Macaron Solitaire Tins | Nett Weight: 30-50gms

Limited-Edition Mooncakes:
White Lotus Single Yolk | White Lotus | Green Tea | Assorted Nuts
4 Baked Mooncakes | Nett Weight: 180gms