Golden Prosperity Gift Set (Tiffany Blue)


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Our most prosperous Chinese New Year gift set yet. Starring PRYCE’s Signature Pineapple Cup which opens up to an auspicious number of Golden Prosperity Pineapple Tarts baked to golden perfection. The Pavilion Teapot Set and a customised pair of exquisite Taiwanese teas from our Tai-Cha collection add further resplendence to the Golden Prosperity Gift Set.

Golden Prosperity collection:
The Pavilion Teapot Set | Tiffany Blue | 250ml
Rose Gold Pineapple Cup | 8 Golden Prosperity Pineapple Tarts | 303 Stainless Steel | 250ml

Tai-Cha Exquisite Taiwan Tea Selection:
Beauty of Orient | Li Shan Oolong | Muscat Oolong | Sun Moon Lake Red Tea
2 Treasures Tins | Nett Weight: 6-8gms