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Two NOËL blends, four magical ways to enjoy. Look no further than this limited-edition tea set to spice up your Christmas get-together with a bunch of besties.

2 Tins | 10 Bio-friendly Sachets each

Limited-Edition NOËL Tea Selection:

Apple Crumble - Be enchanted by the magical bond of Yunnan Red Tea and caramelised granny smith apples, teased with kisses of red dates and spices.

Christmas Berries - Be spellbound by the fruity harmony of this non-caffeinated infusion that brings together notes of cranberry and raspberry. This incredible blend will spark joy and laughter around the Christmas tree at every fun-filled reunions.

Winter Bloom - Fall into the whimsical realm of Winter Bloom, a brew that marries Peony White Tea with winter flowers, dazzled with layers of Japanese shiso.

Christmas Toffee - Transport your palate to constellations of Egyptian Chamomile charmed by sweet comfort of South African Organic Rooibos and Shizuoka Hojicha. Share this celestial odyssey reminiscent of sweet bourbon with your loved ones in the most wonderful time of the year.