PRYCE X Rasa Sayang Limited-Edition Gift Set (Tiffany Blue)


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A brand new PRYCE X Rasa Sayang collaboration to celebrate the brand new year with a thousand layers of good fortune. Starring Rasa Sayang’s Kue Lapis Original, this Dutch-Indonesian thousand layer delicacy is hand-baked to perfection following their decades-old family recipe and the finest ingredients for its exceptional soft and buttery taste.

A Jing De Zhen made fine china, hand-painted in royal colours: Aqua Blue, China Red, Mandarin Orange and Tiffany Blue. And a customised pair of exquisite Taiwanese teas from our Tai-Cha collection for an opulent afternoon tea to indulge with the decadent Rasa Sayang Kue Lapis Original.

PRYCE X Rasa Sayang collection:
The Sommelier Teapot Set | Tiffany Blue | 200ml
Rasa Sayang Kue Lapis Original | Quarter Cake | Nett Weight: 300gms
Serving Platter | Victorian Blush

Tai-Cha Exquisite Taiwan Tea Selection:
Beauty of Orient | Li Shan Oolong | Muscat Oolong | Sun Moon Lake Red Tea
2 Treasures Tins | Nett Weight: 6-8gms