Tai-Cha Sommelier Gift Set (Mandarin Orange)


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The Tai-Cha Sommelier Gift Set is the perfect prelude to mesmerising flavours of our Tai-Cha collection. Immerse your senses into a luxurious tea experience with this masterful collection, purveying an ensemble of Taiwanese fine harvests favoured based on seasonality, craftsmanship and unparalleled terra firma.

Tai-Cha Sommelier Gift Set contains 4 Treasures Tins: Beauty of Orient, Li Shan Oolong, Muscat Oolong and Sun Moon Lake Red Tea. Paired with The Sommelier teapot and four matching teacups, this set is available in Aqua Blue, Gold Leaf, Mandarin Orange and Tiffany Blue.

Tai-Cha Sommelier collection:
The Sommelier Teapot Set | Mandarin Orange | 200ml

Tai-Cha Exquisite Taiwan Tea:
Beauty of Orient | Li Shan Oolong | Muscat Oolong | Sun Moon Lake Red Tea
4 Treasures Tins | Nett Weight: 6-8gms