• Ginger GardenGinger Garden

    Ginger Garden


    Lush floral serenity of the Ginger Garden at Singapore's Botanic Gardens is brewed into this tea at the very first...

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  • Vanda Miss Joaquim


    At the heart of Singapore’s botanical reputation lies the beauty of her national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim. With sprinkles...

  • Fruity Noon


    Celebrating beautiful harvest of Autumn, this seasonal blend of handpicked Osmanthus flowers and aromatic flavours of Tie Guan Yin brews...

  • Pandan ChiffonPandan Chiffon

    Pandan Chiffon


    A traditional favourite, the Pandan Chiffon cake is a familiar part of the Singaporean everyday life. Pryce Tea's fragrant, caffeine-free Pandan...

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  • Thé Ritual


    A signature tea served exclusively at luxurious The Clan Hotel located at Far East Square. Thé Ritual celebrates the island's early...

  • The Gift


    A tea pairing with Great Taste awarded teas is an excellent gift to share with your tea mates. 15 Bio-friendly Sachets

  • Fresh Dawn


    Peek-a-boo into a fresh new dawn with this refreshing blend of juicy Lychee and cushions of French roses. Rise and...

  • Midweek Boost


    Smooth profile of Japanese Kukicha, layered with candied Yuzu awakens the palate with a citrusy tingle and minty freshness. Take...

  • Majestic Duo

    Majestic Duo


    A majestic duo of grand cru Chinese teas curated from the finest tea gardens.  Loose Tea | Nett Weight: 40 -...

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  • KetupatKetupat



    Illustrating warm piquant notes of freshly simmered rice with 15-year Imperial Pu Erh and leaves of Glutinous Herb, this smooth-bodied...

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  • Chinatown


    The smooth winey profile of this blend emanates from the impeccable marriage of the finest 10-year vintage Pu Erh with...

  • Forest BerriesForest Berries

    Forest Berries


    A non-caffeinated blend of honeyed vanilla rooibos balanced with mild tartness from red berries, hibiscus, rose hips and strawberry leaves....

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