Multi-Hyphenate Gift Set: Majestic Treasures Edition


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The Multi-Hyphenate Gift Set brings together a pair of exquisite Chinese grand cru of your choice from the Majestic Treasures collection with eight remarkable teas from Raffles Lighthouse collection. Complete with a Multi-Hyphenate teacup, this luxurious tea set warmly invites you to a delicious tea treat filled with wonderful flavours from representative tea regions across the globe.

The Multi-Hyphenate Glass Teacup | 350ml

Majestic Treasures Tea Selection:
Big Red Robe | Glutinous Pu Erh | Imperial Pu Erh | Jade Spring | Jasmine Pearl | Jin Jun Mei | Lychee Red Tea | Magnolia Dan Cong | Nanjing Rain Flower | Osmanthus Tie Guan Yin | Tung Ting Oolong | White Peony
2 Gold Dome Tins | Nett Weight: 40-70gms

Raffles Lighthouse Teas:
Thé Millennium | Egyptian Chamomile | Moroccan Peppermint | Indian Papadum | Uji Sencha | British Breakfast | South African Rooibos | Yunnan Pu Erh
24 Bio-friendly Sachets | Nett Weight: 52.2gms