Tai-Cha: Da Yu Ling Oolong (大禹岭乌龙)


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Blessed by its picturesque terroir between Hua Lian and Taichung, Da Yu Ling is handpicked from the highest mountainous altitudes in Taiwan, averaging 2800 metres above sea level. With an annual harvest of less than 1% of Taiwanese teas, Da Yu Ling is delicately produced with the lightest oxidisation to retain its mesmerising flowery aroma. Da Yu Ling’s infusion is soft to the palate and has an aroma that is described as, Gao Leng (高冷): a combination of heightened Orchids, Magnolia, with heart notes of custard and peaches unique to only teas grown at 2000 metres above sea level.

Tai-Cha - Exquisite Taiwan Teas | Loose Tea | Nett Weight: 100gms